Creating a New (Fast-Growing) Market Segment

Lululemon, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s – Gary Lenett has worked with the largest brands in the industry but 5 years ago, after three decades in the denim business, he wanted something different. That was the start of DUER, a fast-growing “adventure-ready apparel” brand based in Vancouver, Canada.


  • 3 critical factors needed for any brand that wants to grow fast (and yes, luck is one part of it)

  • A primer on the new market segment DUER is helping to build from the ground up

  • A counterintuitive – but still accurate – assessment of the sustainability movement

  • The challenges and opportunities for the denim industry going forward

To listen to the interview, click here.

About the Author

Andrea Roe is Project Director for Seven Stockings, a graphic design firm for the fashion industry.