When Your Fashion Brand Doesn’t Find Instant Success

Jess Fleischer admits that his brand – Son of a Tailor – wasn’t initially a great success. But he and his team persisted. They followed customer feedback and built a better product for a very specific sort of customer. Five years later – based on the simple value proposition of custom, fitted and tailor-made T-Shirts – they’ve not only survived but thrived… and have weathered the COVID-19 crisis pretty well indeed.


  • Understanding the consumer segment that buys a higher-quality, better fitting T-Shirt.

  • What to do when your brand doesn’t immediately find success in the market.

  • Understanding how adding up “the simple things” can serve as an effective Unique Selling Proposition.

To listen to the interview, click here.

About the Author

Andrea Roe is Project Director for Seven Stockings, a graphic design firm for the fashion industry.